A Conversation on Compassion With Tiffany Cruikshank

A Conversation on Compassion With Tiffany Cruikshank - Yoga Teacher, Author, Acupuncturist, on Bridging Yoga and Healthcare, and the Power of Practice

Tiffany Cruikshank is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, acupuncturist, and founder of Yoga Medicine, an advanced training program in yoga therapy and anatomy for yoga teachers. She's also a former student of the University of Arizona. In this conversation, we talk about her early yoga and meditation practice in college, her early career training with Frank Lipman, MD, her time at Nike HQ as the company's yoga teacher and acupuncturist, and her latest endeavor, Yoga Medicine. Tiffany shares what sustains her as a healer, and opens up about how yoga became a calling to help bring healing and compassion to communities.


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