University Courses & Programs

Developing skills of mindfulness and compassion

We’re developing an interdisciplinary mosaic of tools and resources widely available to UA students to help them better cope with the stress of college life, enhance their academic performance, enrich their social connections with others and to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. We have developed academic courses and partnerships with key service centers on campus including Campus Recreation and Campus Health, and are supporting the integration of elements of mindfulness, compassion and empathy training into teaching strategies and class instruction. A better student experience leads to a greater likelihood of success in school and beyond. The foundation established with these social tools will support their endeavors as they launch careers and grow into our future leaders.

“I now see the importance of cultivating a contemplative practice and how it truly works. I was able to improve a whole letter grade for one exam. I know if I keep this up, I will get an ‘A’ on the final. It has also helped me all around by being less stressed and less angry.” – UA student

Undergraduate Courses

Self-Care in the Helping Professions, CHS 460

This unique class offered as a part of the Care, Health and Society major in the School of Sociology, is designed to support students to learn and practice ways to cultivate unbiased compassion for those they will serve in their forthcoming careers, as well as manage the multiple pressures and stresses of academic life. The class is grounded in the latest research in compassion science, and utilizes practices from a variety of methods to expand the skills of mindfulness and compassion.

Listen to this episode of SBS Major Steps podcast to learn more about the class

The Mindful Semester, SBS 301 

This undergraduate course, offered through the College of SBS, and open to all majors, is a unique online class designed to introduce mindful approaches to studying, communications, and movement to help manage stress and cultivate self-awareness. The class references research as well as experiential practice to support students in developing their own tools and routines for a well-balanced, resilient life.

This class includes three distinct 5 -week modules, each of which is 1 Credit Hour.

  • SBS 301A Foundations of Mindfulness
  • ​SBS 301B Mindfulness-Based Study Tools
  • SBS 301C Mindfulness Based Movement

“Meditation….helped me a lot in my studying. I was able to be more open-minded in learning all the information. I didn’t get anxious when I studied. I remained calm when I didn’t understand something. I felt at ease that I was learning everything I needed to know for my exams.” –UA student

Graduate and Professional Programs

Contemplative Research and Social Transformation Award

This competitive award, to be offered beginning in Fall 2019, was established through a partnership with the former graduate student developed and operated AMRIG (Arizona Meditation Research Interest Group). To build on the legacy that AMRIG developed in contemplative science and inquiry on campus, we are delighted to offer this competitive small fellowship to graduate students enrolled at the University of Arizona to support their research or program project to further scientific exploration and dialogue in contemplative science and social transformation through contemplative practice in action.

Spaces Supporting Student Flourishing 

Mindful Mondays

Join us every Monday (online for Fall 2021) to explore guided practices that support our abilities to bring our awareness to the current moment, noticing what is 'right' within us, and enhance our feelings of connection with others. Led by our skilled practice facilitators, beginning and experienced practitioners are always welcome! This offering is open to our UArizona community, as well as our larger community. 

LGBTQ+ Care Space

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent alumni (within the last 2 years) identifying as LGBTQ+ are invited to come together in a safe online space (via Zoom) to explore guided practices that foster healing, belonging, settling the nervous system and finding calm within the mind. Led by one of our skilled practice facilitators, this space is for everyone who is celebrating, struggling, exploring, or questioning their sexual and gender identities: come as you are. You belong here.
Allies are welcome to join us for Mindful Mondays.

Embodiment Lab: embracing life through mindful and self-compassionate movement

Undergraduate and graduate students, and recent alumni (within the last 2 years) identifying as BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color, or of the Global Majority) are invited to come together in safe online space to explore guided somatic practices that celebrate the vibrant, living body while also creating space for healing and grieving the disproportionate impacts of marginalization and inequity, honoring our needs for care and connection with others in community to lift up joy, strength and resilience. Led by one of our skilled practice facilitators, no previous experience is necessary to participate in guided practices designed to be accessible for all.
Allies are welcome to join us for Mindful Mondays.