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Conversations on Compassion

Welcome to our podcast featuring voices calling for compassion and justice and love in these times, who in their creative ventures, as healers, artists, teachers, are sharing their gifts with the world, so that we may begin to shift our collective suffering by being able to learn how to better hold ourselves in the recognition of our deep worth, seeing others in their deep worth and dignity as well.




A Conversation on Compassion
with Resmaa Menakem

 Author, Trauma Therapist, on why healing racism begins with the body


Omid Safi on the Radical Love of Sufi Mysticism 

Professor of Islamic Studies and author of 'Radical Love, Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition'

A Conversation on Compassion
with Andres Gonzalez

Co-founder of Holistic Life Foundation, on Mindfulness in Schools, and the Power of Love to Heal Communities

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A Conversation on Compassion
with Tiffany Cruikshank

Yoga Teacher, Author, Acupuncturist, on Bridging Yoga and Healthcare, and the Power of Practice

Lama Owens leaning against a birck wall, looking to the left

A Conversation on Compassion
with Lama Rod Owens

Co-Author, Radical Dharma, Teacher, Activist, on Inclusivity, Love and Healing
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A Conversation on Compassion
wtih Valerie Cherrin

OpenFloor Int'l. Movement Facilitator, on Embodied Practice

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A Conversation on Compassion
With Brooke Dodson-Lavelle

Co-Founder and President, Courage of Care Coalition
     image of Al Kaszniak looking at the camera while standing in the woods

A Conversation on Compassion With Al Kaszniak
and Helping Our Way to Happiness With Al Kaszniak 

Meditation Researcher, Psychologist, Zen Sensei
      profile picture of sharon salzberg

A Conversation on Compassion
With Sharon Salzberg

Meditation teacher, and author of NY Times best selling books 'Real Happiness', Real Happiness at Work', 'Lovingkindness', and 'Real Love'



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