Conversations on Compassion Podcast

Conversations on Compassion


Welcome to our podcast featuring voices calling for compassion, love and justice in these times; who in their creative ventures as healers, artists, teachers, are sharing their gifts with the world, so that we may shift the illusion of separateness to instead see each other more clearly as part of a unified whole - all of us unique, and also essential to each other and the world we inhabit together.

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Queer Dharma & Liberation with Jacoby Ballard

Melissa Keller, Advisory Council member, and lead therapist at UArizona Campus Health CAPS, is in heartfelt conversation with Jacoby Ballard, yoga and meditation teacher, and social justice educator about his path to teach queer and trans yoga, transforming pain and grief into compassionate action, and creating spaces of belonging for all

The Path of Healing the Soul Wound with Eduardo Duran

UArizona student Belle Johns talks with clinical psychologist and author Eduardo Duran, PhD about his journey, writings and wisdom gained from his spiritual teacher and how that informed the development of his groundbreaking works, Healing the Soul Wound: Trauma-Informed Counseling for Indigenous Communities and Buddha in Redface

Science & Buddhist Wisdom: Teachings on Compassion

Charles Raison, MD, Lobsang Rapgay, PhD and Chris Impey, PhD, explore the connections between modern science and ancient Tibetan Buddhist wisdom through the lens of their renowned expertise in psychiatry, western psychology, Tibetan Buddhist monastic training and astronomy, bringing humor, storytelling and critical inquiry to the conversation

Love/Love: Sharing Tennis Across Borders with Charlie Cutler

Charlie Cutler, founder and Executive Director of BYTE (Border Youth Tennis Exchange) joins us for this conversation to share the power of tennis to strengthen resiliency, community and cultural exchange at the US - Mexico border, and in other unexpected areas where borders exist to open conversation, understanding and create connection while combatting divisive stereotypes and making a positive difference.


The Eco Tarot with Adriene Jenik

Artist and creator of the ECO Tarot Adriene Jenik shares the inspiration for the ECO Tarot, an adaptation of the traditional tarot deck to reflect and embrace ecological symbols, concerns and guidance for how we can find our roles in shaping our planet's future.

Creating Art and Spaces of Belonging for LGBTQ Youth with Chelsea Farrar and Russ Toomey

Chelsea Farrar, Curator of Community Engagement at UAMuseum of Art, and Russ Toomey, Professor of Family Studies and Human Development at the University of Arizona, join us to talk about creating safe and welcoming places for LGBTQ youth through art-making, while also guiding youth to develop language, tools and voice to overcome societal discrimination and stigma.

Transforming Guns to Garden Tools with Mike Martin 

Co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization RAW Tools joins us share their mission to help heal communities from gun violence and deepen non-violent conflict resolution skills

Creating Beloved Community Through Yoga in Palestine with Maha El-Sheikh

Maha El-Sheikh join us to share the vision and journey of the creation of Palestine's first entirely volunteer-led community non-profit yoga center

A Conversation on Compassion with Charles Raison

Our founding Director returns to share his latest research on psilocybin as a possible treatment for depression and its potential as a tool for compassion

A Conversation on Compassion with EastForest

Contemporary Musician on introducing a new generation to the teachings of Ram Dass through the EastForest X RamDass Project

A Conversation on Compassion
with Resmaa Menakem

 Author, Trauma Therapist, on why healing racism begins with the body

Omid Safi on the Radical Love of Sufi Mysticism

Professor of Islamic Studies and author of 'Radical Love, Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition'

A Conversation on Compassion
with Andres Gonzalez

Co-founder of Holistic Life Foundation, on mindfulness in schools, and the power of love to heal communities

A Conversation on Compassion
with Tiffany Cruikshank

Internationally recognized yoga teacher/therapist, author, acupuncturist, on bridging yoga and healthcare, and the power of practice

A Conversation on Compassion
with Lama Rod Owens

Co-Author, Radical Dharma, Teacher, Activist, on inclusivity, love and healing

A Conversation on Compassion
with Valerie Cherrin

OpenFloor Int'l. Movement Facilitator, on embodied practice

A Conversation on Compassion
With Brooke Dodson-Lavelle

Co-Founder and President, Courage of Care Coalition on spiritual activism

A Conversation on Compassion With Al Kaszniak

Meditation Researcher, Psychologist, Zen Sensei on the early days of meditation research and the current directions of the field

A Conversation on Compassion
With Sharon Salzberg

Meditation teacher, and author of NY Times best selling books 'Real Happiness', Real Happiness at Work', 'Lovingkindness', and 'Real Love'

Helping Our Way to Happiness With Al Kaszniak

Al Kaszniak, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology, and Sensei of Upaya Zen Sangha of Tucson shares this teaching on the pursuit of happiness.