Courageous Compassion – Sustainable Compassion Training

A Compassion Program Supporting Those Who Serve Others

Healthcare and human services professionals, educators, activists, community leaders, parents and others are facing significant emotional, spiritual and physical demands that over time, can hinder their ability to care as deeply, and can ultimately lead to burnout. Developing practices that renew, sustain and deepen our capacities to love and extend care are essential for us all.

This relational method of compassion highlights our need to experience ourselves as objects of care and compassion in order to extend care and compassion sustainably to others; our need to see others in their deep dignity and worth beyond our limiting labels or ideas in order to extend care more widely; and our need to feel at home with ourselves in order to be a welcoming presence to others. For these purposes, SCT meditations cultivate three interrelated modes of care as a basis for compassionate action. These three modes are 1) receiving care, 2) extending care, and 3) deep self-care.

This program is offered through the Center for Compassion Studies collaboration with the work of Courage of Care Coalition, a nonprofit organization formed to empower both personal and social transformation by providing deep contemplative training coupled with powerful tools for systemic change to support individuals, organizations and communities in realizing a more courageous, caring and equitable world.

This multi-week program is available to community members, and can be scheduled privately for your organization. Community programs will be posted under Events.