Russ Toomey, Ph.D

University Distinguished Scholar
Professor, Family Studies and Human Development

Dr. Russ Toomey (he/they) is Professor of Family Studies and Human Development at the University of Arizona. Dr. Toomey conducts research on the processes by which sexual and gender minority youth thrive and are resilient despite the oppressive barriers and challenges they encounter in society. His research identifies both the individual-level mechanisms (e.g. coping, activism) and systems-level policies (e.g., inclusive school policies) that reduce the impacts of discrimination and contribute to optimal health, well-being, and educational outcomes. At the University of Arizona, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on adolescent development, human sexuality, and advanced graduate-level applied statistics.

He serves on the Executive Council for the Society for Research on Adolescence and the Editorial Board for the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.