Courageous Compassion - Tools for Cultivating Care and Compassion

  • Courageous Compassion -Tools for Cultivating Care and Compassion


Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 6:00pm to 7:45pm


Ada Peirce McCormick Building - Library
1401 E. 1st Street (at Mountain Ave) Tucson, AZ 85719
United States

The possibility of a more caring and just world begins with expanding our capacities to LOVE.

Join us for this course that offers participants deep training in Courage of Care’s relational method of compassion, called Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT). SCT highlights our need to experience ourselves as objects of care and compassion in order to extend care and compassion sustainably to others; our need to see others in their deep dignity and worth beyond our limiting labels or ideas in order to extend care more widely; and our need to feel at home with ourselves in order to be a welcoming presence to others. For these purposes, SCT meditations cultivate three interrelated modes of care as a basis for compassionate action. These three modes are: (1) receiving care, (2) extending care, and (3) deep self-care.

Each session during the 6- week program will include guided meditation practice, reflection and discussion, and recorded guided meditations for home use during and after the program. This program is designed to help you deepen your practice of SCT over time.

Please note - Class will not be held on March 5th due to Spring Break

Our Spring 2019 cohort will be facilitated by Leslie Langbert, LCSW (FL), RYT 


Course Fee: $250
Financial Assistance - Limited partial scholarships are available on an as needed basis. Contact us for an application if you are in need of this option in order to attend.






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