Conversations on Compassion

Welcome to our podcast featuring voices calling for compassion and justice and love in these times, who in their creative ventures, as healers, artists, teachers, are sharing their gifts with the world, so that we may begin to shift our collective suffering by being able to learn how to better hold ourselves in the recognition of our deep worth, seeing others in their deep worth and dignity as well.

A Conversation on Compassion with Omid Safi - Professor of Islamic Studies and author of 'Radical Love, Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition'

In this conversation, we are talking about LOVE. Love in its many forms, and in particular, through the lens of the beauty of Islamic Mysticism, and the words of Rumi, Hafez, and the Q'uran. Omid Safi is Professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and spirituality. He is a leading Muslim public intellectual who is committed to the intersection of spirituality and social justice. He has been invited by the family of Dr. King to speak at Ebenezer Church on the relevance of Dr. King for today’s America. His most recent book is Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition (published by Yale). Omid often appears as an expert on Islam in the New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, PBS, NPR, NBC, BBC, CNN and other outlets . He is a recent columnist for On Being, and now has a podcast at Be Here Now. He leads a spiritually oriented adult tour to Turkey and Morocco called Illuminated Tours which is open to people of all faith backgrounds.

A Conversation on Compassion with Andres Gonzalez - co-founder of Holistic Life Foundation, on Mindfulness in Schools, and the Power of Love to Heal Communities

What happens when 3 college students develop a meditation and yoga practice, and inspired by their teacher, use it to change the world after graduation? The answer is the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore, MD. In this conversation, co-founder Andy Gonzalez shares the inspiring story of how he, Atman Smith and Ali Smith began bringing mindfulness and yoga into schools and afterschool programs in Baltimore in 2001, the keys to their research-proven success, and what keeps them inspired to dedicate their lives to healing their community and the larger world. Pure joy and inspiration - enjoy!

A Conversation on Compassion With Tiffany Cruikshank - Yoga Teacher, Author, Acupuncturist, on Bridging Yoga and Healthcare, and the Power of Practice

Tiffany Cruikshank is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, acupuncturist, and founder of Yoga Medicine, an advanced training program in yoga therapy and anatomy for yoga teachers. She's also a former student of the University of Arizona. In this conversation, we talk about her early yoga and meditation practice in college, her early career training with Frank Lipman, MD, her time at Nike HQ as the company's yoga teacher and acupuncturist, and her latest endeavor, Yoga Medicine. Tiffany shares what sustains her as a healer, and opens up about how yoga became a calling to help bring healing and compassion to communities.

A Conversation on Compassion With Lama Rod Owens - Co-Author, Radical Dharma, Teacher, Activist, on Inclusivity, Love and Healing

Lama Rod Owens is known for his deep wisdom and willingness to have conversations about things that we're scared to talk about: race, gender, sexuality, identity, and his ability to hold these conversations with love. In this conversation, we get clear about the difference between diversity and inclusivity, what it means to create inclusive spaces of practice, the responsibility we have now as 'ancestors-in-training', and much more. Lama Rod is co-author of the book 'Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation'.

A Conversation on Compassion Wtih Valerie Cherrin - OpenFloor Int'l. Movement Facilitator, on Embodied Practice

Many of us are seeking community, places to be accepted for who we are, and safe places to explore and express what we're experiencing and feeling in these times. In this conversation, we explore the practice of mindful dance/movement and its power to uncover feelings of deep joy, release feelings of stuck suffering, and fully experience the beauty of human embodiment. Valerie shares her experience as a certified facilitator of OpenFloor Movement Practice, an open, welcome to all, mindful dance practice that requires no prior skill, or moves to learn. We hope that you’ll join (or be inspired to create!) a similar experience in your community.

A Conversation on Compassion With Brooke Dodson-Lavelle - Co-Founder and President, Courage of Care Coalition, Meditation Teacher, Visionary

How do we leverage the contemplative community into justice and liberation for all, not just the pursuit of liberation for ourselves individually? In this conversation, we explore issues around uncomfortable topics - race, systems of white dominance and our collective embedded-ness in these systems. We also explore how our contemplative practices must include looking at the suffering created by these systems in order to change them, and how Courage of Care Coalition is engaged in leading workshops, intensives and retreats to help bring us to these difficult and necessary conversations, and the sustained engaged practices of care.

A Conversation on Compassion With Al Kaszniak - Meditation Researcher, Psychologist, Zen Sensei

In this conversation, we talk about the beginnings of meditation research in the United States, Al’s courage and pioneering role in leading meditation research in the southwest at the University of Arizona long before it was mainstream, and what we’ve learned about meditation through research so far. We also explore Al’s path of practice in the Zen Buddhist tradition, the role of technology and apps to make meditation accessible, and his ‘second post-academic career’ as a meditation teacher in the Zen tradition.

A Conversation on Compassion With Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg, one of America's most beloved meditation teachers, and author of NY Times best selling books 'Real Happiness', Real Happiness at Work', 'Lovingkindness', and 'Real Love', talks with our founder, Charles Raison, MD about her meditation journey and why the practice of compassion changed her life.

Helping Our Way to Happiness With Al Kaszniak, Ph.D 

Al Kaszniak, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology, and Sensei of Upaya Zen Sangha of Tucson shares this teaching on the pursuit of happiness. 






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