Faculty Advisory Board

Faculty Advisory Board

Albert Bergesen, Ph.D.

Professor, School of Sociology

Gregg Garfin

Gregg Garfin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist in Climate, Natural Resources and Policy, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Deputy Director for Science Translation & Outreach, Institute of the Environment

Sabrina Helm

Sabrina V. Helm, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Retailing & Consumer Sciences

Co-Director, Consumer, Environment & Sustainability Initiative

Dean John Paul Jones III

John Paul (JP) Jones III, Ph.D

Professor, Geography and Development

Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Al Kaszniak

Al Kaszniak, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus, Departments of Psychology, Neurology, and Psychiatry

Director, Neuropsychology, Emotion and Meditation Laboratory, College of Science and College of Medicine

Matthias Mehl

Matthias Mehl, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Departments of Psychology and Communication

Thaddeus Pace

Thaddeus (Tad) Pace, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Department of Psychiatry

Director, Arizona Stress and Health Collaboratory, College of Nursing

Charles Raison

Charles Raison, M.D.

Founding Director and Chair, Center for Compassion Studies

Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair, Healthy Minds, Children & Families Professor, School of Human Ecology

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine and Public Health University of Wisconsin Madison

Michele Walsh, Ph.D

Associate Research Professor, Frances McClelland Institute of Children Youth and Families, Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Associate Research Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Science