Compassion Programs

Through the development of academic courses, partnerships with key service centers on campus including Campus Recreation and Campus Health, and supporting the integration of elements of mindfulness, compassion and empathy training into teaching strategies and class instruction, we’re developing an interdisciplinary mosaic of tools and resources widely available to UA students to help them better cope with the stress of college life, enhance their academic performance, enrich their social connections with others and to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. A better student experience leads to a greater likelihood of success in school and beyond. The foundation established with these social tools will support their endeavors as they launch careers and grow into our future leaders.

What students are saying about their experiences

“I now see the importance of cultivating a contemplative practice and how it truly works. I was able to improve a whole letter grade for one exam where I received a low ‘C’ on the first exam and by the second exam I received a high ‘B’. I know if I keep this up, I will get an ‘A’ on the final. It has also helped me all around by being less stressed and less angry.”

“I see the benefits outside of my practice and in my personal life. I have a more controlled/ balanced thought process and have developed more patience.”

“Meditation….helped me a lot in my studying. I was able to be more open-minded in learning all the information. I didn’t get anxious when I studied. I remained calm when I didn’t understand something. I felt at ease that I was learning everything I needed to know for my exams.”


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