Communication Savoring

Savoring: A Practice to Enhance Gratitude

What is Communication Savoring? 

In today's world, taking time to notice the 'small' things can have large benefits for our sense of connectedness, appreciation for those around us, for nature, and the simplicity of events in our day to day lives. When we think of savoring, we may bring to mind the act of savoring taste from a delicious food. Did you know that we also can savor sunsets, a talk with a loved one, or the exhilaration of moving the body during exercise? The resources below offer more information about how to develop a practice of communication savoring, and for instructors and facilitators, tools to share this practice with groups.

Instructional Tools for Classrooms


Communication professor Maggie Pitts describes and demonstrates savoring in this short video, while also sharing the findings from her research about this practice on our emotional well being. 





Instructor/Facilitator Resources*

Instructor Outline

This short outline has been created to help you plan the facilitation of a session on Communication Savoring with your class or group.

Instructor Script to Guide Practice

Lead your students through the experience of Communication Savoring using this sample script as a guide.

Student Handout

Make copies to share with your group before you lead the session. Included in the handout are guiding questions and reflection prompts.

Resources and Definitions

This is a guide to terms used in the video, and also a short list of additional resources to learn more about the practice of savoring and the research findings about this practice.


*Resources and video developed by Alice Fanari, MA, 2019-2020 Contemplative Research and Social Transformation Graduate Student Fellow